Friday, November 8, 2013

Seven kid moments

Jackson popped around the corner as John opened e door and shouted, "Loki!"
John: why are you calling me Loki?
Jackson: Because we are Playing Thor and I'm Thor
John: Would Thor wear a girly heart ring that you have on?
Jackson:'s in the new movie.

Emma and Jackson were pretending to be a penguin and a sea turtle respectively. 
Jackson: (holding his superhero pillow on his back as his shell) blub, blub, blub, blub....
Mama: Is that the noise a turtle makes?
Emma: Well, he's a sea turtle so that's the noise of being underwater. Sea turtles don't come on land because, well, they're SEA turtles. Yeah. And fish don't come out on land unless....they're going to be cooked.

emma just asked me... on the top or bottom?
jackson: bottom... bottom... bottom...

Jackson got a superhero squad birthday card in the mail from Georgia grandparents...

Mama: Ah, Jackson, what's in your card? 
Jackson: (stifled excitement) money!
Mama: And what can you do with money?
Jackson: Pay the bills!

His card also came with a superhero badge/ribbon with the word "awesome" on it...
Jackson: And I can wear this?!?! It says "you are a birthday superhero Jackson that is AMAZING."

Emma was struggling with get putting these pieces to fit correctly into a puzzle book she was working on and it would go to pieces whenever she put the last outside piece in it would fall apart... In frustration she shouts, "You should make it big enough, folks!
..." Then she followed that with, "yeah, you can write that down."

Jackson: Mama, can you help me with my gross beef? [roast beef]
      He now refers to most meats as "gross beef"

Kids went up to play for the last little bit before bedtime which is 8:00...

At 7:47, Mama: Kiddos, pretty soon I'm going to tell you it's still time.
Jackson: Okay! We will play for thirteen minutes! 

Ha! Pretty sure that was coincidental.

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