Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kid quotes

Jackson: I'm on the rocket ship potty!

Jackson about the fur trader at Conner Prairie: He has angry eyes

Em and Jack were in a hollowed out tree canoe.
Emma: He rows and the lady sits in the back...

Jackson: my poopy looks like a rocket ship...it IS a rocket ship! Don't flush it so we can show daddy!

Working on months of the year...
Emma: January, February, March, Leviticus...

Jackson: do your homework now...and do a great job

Emma: why do I have to do school like all the time? 
(We work for like an hour a day)
Mama: Emma, if you were in school, you'd already be there and have to be there for six or seven more hours!  So how about we send you to school and I can just stay home and play with Jackson all day.
Jackson: you can't play all day, you're not a kid.

Mama: hey guys, do you want a snack?
Jackson: yeah! A baked pa-Tay-ta!

Jackson: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... We're proud to present...Emma!

Jackson: (confused) is today a stay-home-daddy day?
Mama: nope, sorry buddy. He had to go to work.
Jackson: work on the patio? (Still confused)
Mama: No, at his office.
Jackson: Oh.... And he not need his belt?

Jackson had been in bed for over an hour and we hear crying coming from his room.
John: What's wrong, buddy? (Noticing he was still very coherent and wide awake)
Jackson: I had a bad dream.
John:  Really? It looks like you maybe haven't even fallen asleep yet.
Jackson: I know. That was my bad dream.

Jackson to himself:
Knock, knock.  Who's there? Banana tree. Banana tree who? Banana tree Captain Hook! 
Haha...I so funny.

Jackson was pretending his apple slice was his eye (and just being weird in general)
He started making random noises because he didn't know English. Emma an I started playing along...
Mama: on no, Emma! He doesn't know English? How are we going to talk to him?? 
Emma: I don't know. I just don't know.
Jackson: me no no me de do me no...
Mama: Oh no, maybe he doesn't even know his name anymore!
Jackson: (in robot voice) hello. My. Name. Is. Crazy.

Jackson really wanted my purse strap off of him while he was sitting in the car seat. He declared...
This needs to be like the Son of man... It must be lifted up!

(He's been overhearing Emma practice john 3:14 for awana: "and as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of man be lifted up.")

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