Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Help Families at Riley Children's Hospital

More and more as I see the evils of the world we live in and as I get older the pain seems more real.  And frankly, it is real.  It's easy when you're young to see the world through naive eyes, especially when you have parents who try to sugarcoat what's really happening and when you grow up not calling sin what it is--sin.  I have lots to write, but I need to form some clarity of thought before I try to do so.

Instead of rambling, I'd like to share a burden of mine. During Malachi's life we were consumed with the health (or lack thereof) of our son. Every day was an up or down, there were no "easy days". We are no longer faced with that day in and day out as God chose to take our son, but that is not the case for many families. Many families will spend the holidays hurting and worrying and hoping for their son or their daughter's physical well-being. We were blessed during our hospital days to have family and friends to pray for us, to encourage us, to support us in ways that we don't even fully comprehend. Unfortunately, many of the families we saw didn't have that kind of support. We could see hopelessness written all over the faces of those we passed in the hallways. Despair, multiplied during "the hap-, happiest season of all." 

John and I had high aspirations of coming alongside the Ronald McDonald House within Riley Hospital (an oasis for us during a very dry time) and preparing a large meal to encourage parents who are stuck at the hospital this Christmas. Our schedules, sickness, and pocketbooks have altered those plans. We need to do SOMETHING for these families. Even if it's not much, we plan to deliver as many goody bags as possible on Friday, December 21.

We would like to include items such as the following in the bags:
-$5 McDonald's gift cards (there is one located in the hospital)
-snacks (cookies/fudge)
-healthy snacks
-hard candy
-tea bags or hot chocolate packets
-single serving fruit/applesauce cups
small crossword puzzle/word search books
-hand lotion
-notepad with pen
-ponytail holder
-bobby pins
-small Christmas ornament
-face wipes
-anything else you'd like to pitch in!

 If you would like to help by donating something physical to place in these bags email us at marissasharbaugh@gmail.com. If you could donate financially, please use the chip-in widget below (to use debit/credit card or paypal).  Thank you for your consideration and help!



  1. Marissa, Love that you're doing this! I can't give much, but hope to help pick up the traffic on this post. I've posted a link on my facebook page and on my blog. Hope it helps!