Sunday, May 6, 2012

before and after: the study

September 2010… Be thankful the camera does not capture smell!  Our home had been sitting as a foreclosure for over a year.  This picture does not reveal the coarse texture on the walls of the two outside walls of the study or the awful animal stains on the carpet.  However, it does show the footprints of the children who were here prior to our residency!


All flooring in the home was torn up.  These are the bags we systematically left out for the garbage trucks.  Big thanks to friends who offered to put some out in their trash as well!  Just getting all of this out of the house helped tremendously with the smell!  We were not taking any chances, so we primed and sealed every surface before moving in.


The walls have been primed.  The study became a holding area for everything that would eventually be moved into our house.  We moved in once the bedrooms and kitchen were liveable—roughly two months after closing on the house.


A mid-way pic.  The most obvious difference here is that all of our “stuff” is no longer loitering in the middle of the room!  Emerson reading the books as I was unpacking them.  The desk also in place and now holds John’s computer and our printer (along with everything else it seems to accumulate!).


A midway shot during the day…

Also, John installed the wood laminate flooring himself.


A midway shot during the evening…


Here is the most current set up of the study.  The play table has been brought down from Jackson’s room.  I have four totes of toys which are regular rotated down to the study so as to keep it mostly an office as opposed to a playroom.  We also have added a new rug.


Hopefully I will continue in this series of before and afters as the progress we’ve made (okay, the progress JOHN has made--between working full-time, having a wife and kids, and stuff at church) has truly been remarkable!

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