Monday, July 18, 2011

8 months

20 pounds
two teeth
crawling...legitimately crawling.  oh me oh my.
likes to get toys out of his little toy box
smiles like crazy
likes peek-a-boo (and peek-a-boo book)
eats anything you put in front of him
zooms around in his walker like a pro
knocking into the trash with said walker
beard tickles
likes john's feet--kinda weird
pulling on cords
give mama kisses on the cheek (big sloppy ones)
full of infectious smiles
loves chewing on his nasty car seat adjusting strap
will try to pull himself up on your leg
pushes himself up to sitting (super annoying at nap/bedtime)
gets super excited hearing daddy on speakerphone
still overall he's a pretty easygoing kid.


  1. It's so amazing how fast they grow and change. I think that 6-9 month phase was my favorite!

  2. Taking his picture on the same blanket with similar clothing is a great idea. I'm going to pass that one on. He is such a sweet little guy. Debbie