Tuesday, December 14, 2010

quick pics

boxes and boxes... there were still more to come. at this point we hadnt emptied our stuff from johns parents...

a peek at  the new countertops...

pantry almost done...

sink preview...
mt favorite place in the new house.  board and batten throughout--my husband loves me dearly to put all this up.
we're taking a hiatus on working on the house during the holidays and enjoying time as a family when john gets home from work for the day.  we'll hit it hard again in 2011!


  1. Its beautiful! I love it!!!

    Be blessed


  2. Looks like its coming along nicely! Glad you are taking a break for the holidays...it will be there when you return, but enjoy the holidays with your beautiful family!

  3. i LOOOOOVE the board and batton. i need to do that somewhere in here.