Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby Jackson

 So we've officially hit the one-month mark with our newest addition, Jackson Nehemiah!  Overall, he has been a GREAT baby.  Although, it could just be that I've amplified in my mind all of Emma's crying and horrible nursing experience to the point that any baby would seem easy compared to her--well, except for Malachi (he was pretty complex!)... He really is just about the cutest little boy you'll ever see. He spends most of his days (and nights) SLEEPING!  The sight of a sleeping babe is truly precious--hence the first three pictures of this post!
At five days old, he was already up to his birthweight.  Now, at one month, he has gained THREE pounds.  Clearly, we've got breastfeeding (mostly) down with this munchkin'--a completely new experience for me.  I think God is using the nursing success as a means of answer the prayers of so many that I would have a deep, immediate attachment to this baby--a fear of mine as I am still almost daily grieving for the loss of our babe Malachi.  I really, really can't get enough of this kid!
 In the beginning, it was VERY difficult for me to allow anyone else to hold Jackson--including John.  It wasn't so much me just being selfish, but I wanted to take each and every opportunity I could to snuggle this baby.  Sometimes Malachi was so sick that we weren't even able to touch him--let alone HOLD him!  However, if I learned anything from our experience with Malachi it was that our children are not our own.  They are gifts from the Lord whom we have been given the privilege of stewarding.  So when I attend a Christmas get-together or spend time with extended family, I have to force myself to ask "Anybody want to hold the baby?" as soon as we walk in the door, or I know it's not gonna happen and I'll just hoard him all night long.  
 Just like with Emerson, Jackson was born looking just like my side of the family but is quickly turning into a baby-image of his father.  Emma continues to go back and forth between looking like me and looking like her daddy, so it will be interesting to see if Jackson follows suit.  I'm hoping he just looks more and more like his daddy!  I've been able to capture a few smiles (or at least smirks) on "film" and he's starting to realize that he can intentionally make noises--so that's always fun.  I mean seriously, how can you resist this charm!?!?  One thing he quickly grew out of though were his pig noises.  He would grunt EXACTLY like a little piglet when he was trying to forage for food.  I miss those piggy snorts.   

Happy one month Jackson, I've enjoyed getting to know you!


  1. CLearly I have not been paying attention cause I had no idea he was here already! LOL congrats!! He is adorable and so glad nursing is going so well!

  2. I feel like I'm missing it all! I wish I could be there!

    PS- It's Joy, It wouldn't let me sign in under my google account. Weird.


    BE blessed


  4. so sweet. Nursing is the one thing I was completely blindsided by with a baby. It can be brutal, glad you were praying about it and God is blessing you with an easy time.

  5. Gorgeous baby! I love all the pictures, and the one with Jackson and his Daddy is precious. I understand that snuggle need, and wish to never let them go, especially when they are so tiny! I can't believe he is already a month old...and gaining weight so well- you are a machine, great job with breastfeeding! I had to switch to pumping again with Jillian but would've loved to have that super close bond too.