Monday, July 19, 2010


You don't know me personally and I have never met you personally. I am a nurse, by profession, and therefore interested in the medical aspect of Malachi's life, but more importantly, because of being a first-time mom. My son, Liam was born on September 24, 2009, and therefore was close in age to Malachi. As I read your posts, I often became choked up realizing how blessed I am to have a healthy son. It was an extremely sobering experience for me to put myself in your shoes and imagine how hard those decisions that you had to make constantly regarding Malachi's care must have been. Your faith rang strong and was an example that I appreciated. (My husband and I also have the same anniversary and were young when we got married too and therefore I felt even more connected/similar to you).

Thank you for constantly sharing, being vulnerable and open about your struggles and how you came through them. I grew up Christian, but have been struggling with questioning my faith over the last couple years. Reading about Malachi's life and the way that your faith sustained you has definitely played in to keeping me hanging on to my faith until now. Thank you for sharing that.

On a side note, as a nurse, I cannot even begin to imagine how you were able to care for Malachi at home so well. I am so glad that I could read your perspective because I know that I will now treat families/patients differently. I will never question a responsible parent/family nor doubt that they will be able to care for their sick child, if they are desiring to. I'm inspired by your willingness and eagerness to have Malachi home...just to see/hear about parents that WANT their children and are willing to deal with everything that may come with complex care...are amazing to me! You are an amazing woman and I know God is looking down from heaven and smiling upon you and your husband. You have certainly passed this test from Him with flying colors!

Thank you for sharing about your experiences. I pray that your current pregnancy will go well and you will be blessed with a healthy and happy baby this fall!
Esther, Atlanta, GA

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