Tuesday, February 28, 2012

daddy/daughter date

starting with dinner at chik-fila-a:

to the girl taking orders behind the counter...
     "you look beautiful today.... like me."

during the previews:
a comedian was rambling on and on about something...  those in the theater started laughing... when it became quiet again, she turned to daddy...
     "I have no idea what he's talking about."

during the movie...
I (john) handed emma some of our movie snack: you guessed it… sweet tart jellybeans… maybe you weren’t thinking of that but it’s one of Daddy’s favorites. Then the faint noise of a single jelly bean hitting the concrete floor underneath her seat could be heard and Emma said, “It’s OK if I dropped one…” then as that same sound came again--click, click, click “…uh,  or two.”

after the movie, a quick stop to walk around PetSmart...

We were talking through the Petsmart and we walked around and every 10 seconds I  (john) would hear “Oh Daddy, I really need to show you something”… so after seeing various bobble head dogs, collars, and decorations… each introduced with that same phrase, “Oh Daddy, I really need to show you something” we finally made our way to the fishies. Emma noticed a couple of boys with bags of fish in their hands. She asked me if she could hold one and I said those boys were holding them because they were going to take them home… and her paused then her face lit up and she said, “Oh Daddy I am so happy for the fishies being adopted!”

Such a kind heart my little punkin has!

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