Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kiddo quotes...

Guess what time it is? Lets try to go potty. (As part of bedtime routine)

While Jackson was on the potty... 

John: Are you getting sleepy, Buddy? Kinda tired?

Jackson: (pensive) Tomorrow when I wake up I can eat?

John: Oh, I didn't feed you did I?


Jackson: I so hung'y (hungry)
Mama: There are some crackers.
Jackson: oh, I not so hung'y.


First thing out of Jackson's mouth every morning...

I wan' some DIN-uh. (Dinner)


Emma: Jackson, follow me to see something amazing...I've got the iPad...in my room.


Emma: Jackson always makes weird noises.


Jackson can make the 's' sound at the beginning of plain s-words, but he won't say 's' blends...
'nack (snack)
'ticker (sticker)
'piderman 'poon 

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