Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the birthday boy

We survived our first year of Jackson.  Actually, it's more accurate to say that he survived US.  We could not have asked for an easier child (overall).  Then again, any child compared to Malachi's required care would without thought fall into the "easy" category! When it came to eating, sleeping, or overall demeanor, Jackson was pretty much a pro from the beginning.  Either that, or I was so tired in the beginning that I can't remember just how sleepless the first few months really were! With family, with friends, or at church, Jackson is one very loved baby and we are so thankful God placed him in our lives!

Here are a few glimpses from our 11.11.11 party!

 Daddy made an AMAZING superman cake.  Unfortunately for him, the bar has now been set for Emerson's December birthday cake!

singing happy birthday.

Digging in!

Messy baby.

signing: MILK!

"one last bite, mom!"

Pictures I took most weeks throughout his first year...

Jackson is a pretty long and lean 1-year-old at 22.8 lbs and 31 inches long. 

In his birthday week alone he graduated into a forward facing car seat, climbed the entire flight of stairs, and took his first steps (actually the walking was on his birthday!).  

He is the first to get to daddy when he walks through the door after work--grinning from ear to ear while crawling his little heart out. 

He intentionally gives us hugs and kisses.

He is working on his "cheesy face."

He can say: dada, mama, more, nigh' nigh', eat
and sign: more, please, milk, all done, diaper, sleeyp, eat/food.

He likes playing patty-cake, talking on his cell phone, looking through books, destroying Emerson's buildings, pushing trucks/cars back and forth.

While crawling, he will clear a path for himself by chucking toys behind him.  He also does not like when the ottoman or end tables are covered and he will systematically piece-by-piece remove items to either the floor or john's lap.


  1. Happy Birthday Jackson! Absolutely amazing, and I know your mommy and daddy don't take one single thing you do for granted. Love the pics of each week on the blanket, love the invitation picture, the cake, all of it...looks like he had a perfect 1st birthday and great 1st year!

  2. Awesome! Looks like a lot of fun! So glad you are doing well. Loving the wall color.. (which is.....) Maybe I'll get to see closer to Christmas - planning to bring the boys up to my mom's for the week before.